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How to choose an installer for your system ?

For a simple installation of the PWS, we provide installers for your system.
These installers are java programs build by IzPack and can be used on any system with a java virtual machine. So, to know if the installation works on your system you need to test it :

  • choose a installer
  • intall the software
  • test the software looking at the PWS main page with your favorite browser.

If you can see a web page with the PWS logo and the first menu (admin, teacher and student), your PWS is working, else if you have a 500 error or a blank page, have a look in the /tmp/pws.log file. If you find information such glibc 2.3 not found or can't load modules, the installer you choosed wasn't for your system, you must try another one.

The followings versions of the installer are known to work on these distributions :

We can't provide an installer for any linux platforms because PWS uses binaries libraries which depends of your current glibc version, and perl modules which depends of your perl interpreter version.

The tested distributions (the ones we have) used perl 5.6 or perl 5.8 with or without the thread-multi support (they are "binaries" imcompatibles) and glibc-2.2.x or glibc-2.3.x (with an ascendant compatibility).

If you don't use one of these distributions, you can select one of these installer following these rules :

  • if you have a perl version greather than 5.8, with thread-multi support and a glibc greather than 2.2 try to install PwsInstaller-perl58MT-glibc22.jar.

To obtain the version of your perl interpreter, use "perl -v" command, and to know the current glibc version use "rpm -q glibc".

If you don't find proper installer for your system, you must compile and install directly from the source distribution of the PWS (file Pws-src.tgz - (6301 Ko)).