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Know problems for DREW installation

When you run the servers Sioux and GrandSioux (http://your_host/cgi-bin/drew/adm/run?start) on certain kind of system, the run script never end, it's not a problem.
Just click on the «stop» button in your browser. The Sioux servers are correctly started.

Version 1.1.8 of java

The version 1.1.8 of Java can pose a problem at the time of the compilation. it is so necessary to indicate clearly the library '' into the file 'your_cgi_bin/Drew/adm/run'.

$CLASSPATH = $DREW . "classes/Serveur.jar:$JAVA/lib/"

Moreover, you'd make sure that the '-classpath' option (and not '-cp') is used into the file 'your_cgi_bin/Drew/adm/'.

$call = $JAVA . "bin/java -classpath " . $CLASSPATH . " Drew.Serveur.GrandSioux " . $DREW . "Sujet/data " . $GSPORT;