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Dialogical Reasoning Educational Webtool

DREW aims to support collaborative reflection and debate between students across the Internet.

Main technical characteristics of the software:

  • Works in a regular client-server environment.
  • Easily extensible: additional collaborative modules can be added, it is just an applet to write.
  • Based on open protocols and open technology (XML, Java, ...)
  • Portable: it runs on several platforms (PC / Mac / Sun) and OS (Windows, Linux, MacOS, etc.)
  • Has a localisable interface (six languages currently supported: English, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Finnish, Hungarian - easy to extend).
  • Needs no installation on the client side.
  • Messages are exchanged in a synchronous way between two or more persons by means of communication tools named shared Drewlets. At the moment there are six main Drewlets in DREW which allow users to debate.
  • DREW is entirely written in Java and available under the terms of the Lesser General Public Licence (LGPL).
  • Clients are regular web browsers with Java applets and therefore do not need any further specific software to run.

The actual DREW modules, the Drewlets are:

  • Whiteboard;
  • Chat;
  • Collaborative text editor;
  • Argumentative graph editor, (individual or collaborative);
  • Structured chat (named "Alex");
  • Ballot box.

Six languages available at the moment: English, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Finnish, Hungarian.

Drew installer can be found in Download menu.

Online version of Drew can be found in Scale tools menu.